Learning to Embrace the Changes. . One Change at a time…One Challenge at a time …One Day At A Time

I’ve been a full time grandparent since he was two months old,img1447204796451 

he’s now 7 1/2 months…LrMobile2201-2016-062745877266919214Wow… the number of things that have changed..the changes themselves..& the changes still to come..I’ve learned the more I resist them the harder the change. .so I’m trying to embrace the changes- to find a way to live with..make peace with..accept the changes openly with less resistance & learn – grow from them.  Change can be good I’m learning…I’m learning -* Change helps us grow in ways we never thought we could.



“The challenges we face in life often create the best part of us…” Bette Kelley


Surrender to what is, Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be. ~ Sonia Ricotte




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